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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Tribute to Family

I know those that read the blog probably wondered where I've been for 2 months.  Sadly, I've been absent due to some family events.  Unexpectedly, my Uncle Dale passed away the afternoon of October 30th.  That same week, I lost my Grandmother, Ruth.  The events were a true tragedy for my family as those were the only two immediate family elders on that side remaining.  With them passing, a part of me was lost as well.  I am amazed the entire clan passed in the months of September, October, or November and I will probably be forever fearful of family losses in those months.

While I haven't posted on my blog (words failed me), I was busy working on a culinary tribute to the family - a cookbook.  So many family memories centered on the food and family gatherings - what better tribute to a family legacy than a cookbook!  You may wonder whether I used a software program or other "template" to make the cookbook.  Actually, I didn't!  It's easy to format your own in Word.  Using "landscape" setting and 8.5 x 11-inch paper size, I formatted the cookbook using two columns per page and size 8 font.  Family photos were scanned and incorporated, as well as essays on family events and other recollections.  What I love is that there is no right or wrong - the recipes are those we loved and remembered as well as others that I believe were made for my father and uncle when they were children. 

The cookbook project was part of my grieving process, as well as a way to remember and honor the memory of this family.  What I will continue with is to make and document the heritage recipes of the family.  I will still write in this blog from time-to-time, but I'm creating a new blog for heritage recipes that I will make as a celebration of our loved ones now gone.  I hope you'll follow my blog www.recipesoffamilyheritage.blogspot.com and comment/contribute your own heritage recipes as well.  Help me to create a blog that becomes a living tribute to our loved ones and their treasured family recipes.

Happy New Year and keep cooking!

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