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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My cats love porky goodness

If you follow food trends, pork is perhaps one of the most popular products in the last several years. In that spirit, I purchased some heirloom pork today - a pork loin to be specific. The recipe I'm making later this week calls for pork tenderloin, so I trimmed up half the pork loin into a tenderloin and put the scraps in the slow cooker to make shredded pork.

It just finished up cooking, so as I'm shredding the pork, the kitties were underfoot and desperate for a bite (or 10). I guess they are girls after my heart. After about biting my ankles off, I gave them the plate to lick clean. Maybe Purina needs to create a pork flavored wet cat food.... Judging by my cats' reactions, I'd say they may be onto something!

The girls pretty much never met people food they didn't like. We found out the hard way about Kites's love of spaghetti (she stole noodles from the colander as a kitten), and of chicken tenders (she stole one off of the counter and then growled at us when we tried to take it away!). Now, they tend toward pretty much anything on our plates, but their latest crave is for buffalo steaks. We almost had to lock them in another room when we cooked some!

Do your pets eat anything unusual?

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  1. Hmmnnn... Cats that love eating meat. Go figure!!!  ツ