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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farm-to-table Saturday

The farmers market bounty yielded a delicious meal today. The menu covered several savory bases and even included elements of dessert. Skirt steak, fresh corn, eggs, onions, and berries came together in homage to midsummer's bounty.

The menu was simple: cajun-spiced skirt steak, creamed corn, and broccoli for the main course. Dessert was homemade ricotta cheesecake with a berry coulis and fresh whipped cream. The steak was sprinkled with blackening spice, then broiled. Even slightly overdone, it remained juicy and tender (somewhat unusual for skirt steak). The corn was a simple preparation of sauteed Texas 1015 onion, corn off the cob, half-and-half, and butter. The simple flavors were a showcase for the sweet corn. The broccoli was the only main ingredient not purchased at the market. I did a quick prep by cooking in some salted water, then sauteeing with a little butter and garlic. That preserved the flavor and color of the broccoli, while adding in the garlicky goodness.

Dessert was borne of the necessity to use up some homemade ricotta. I did a search on Epicurious and came up with a recipe from Gourmet Magazine (rest in peace Gourmet!). Honestly, it's not the rich cheesecake you get by using cream cheese, but it has way more texture. I think it's really a matter of personal preference. This recipe came close to one I enjoyed years ago at a restaurant in San Antonio called the Vienna Wein Stube. Homemade fresh ricotta cheesecake was on the menu and that texture was something I won't soon forget.

I'm thinking that for the rest of the summer one meal per week will be specifically devoted to summer's bounty. What do you think dear readers?

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