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I've developed a passion for cooking since childhood, but in the past six years, that passion has grown into a geeky obsession. I love cooking, baking, and most importantly, sharing the love of food with family and friends. I invite you along on my journey of food discovery and passion.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Should I change my focus?

Ok, so I haven't posted much lately, and one of the reasons why is that I'm honestly struggling with my initial mission. Yes, I try recipes out of my cookbooks, but more and more I focus on the cooking magazines I receive montly to cook things in season. Plus, I've just added a subscription to Bon Appetit, so that makes even more recipes to cook. I'm falling behind as it is on trying clipped recipes!!! Add to that is a budding interest in trying out restaurants and talking about those experiences.

So, I ask you, dear readers, do I further expand my focus of the blog to be "everything in my food universe?" There is so much to talk about, from the food shows I watch, to the scrumptious food I get to try at different places, that I think enrich my home cooking experience by expanding both my palate and horizons to the possibilities. Food has become both a journey and process of discovery that excites me and motivates me to search more and I want to share that with my dear readers.

So... talk to me... let me hear what you want to know about and what you don't.


  1. I'd love to read more about "everything in your food universe!" I say go for it...and I'd love to see some pics to go along w/ all the deliciousness :-)

  2. I support you expanding your scope to include your food universe. Let us know what makes you tick...food-wise of course.

  3. One thing I've done in the past is to close my eyes and pick a spot on a map of the world. I make a meal based on where my sharpened pencil lands. I'm actually making pupusas, cortida, and horchata for Danyel this week as well as pork udon and spring rolls. All of which I discovered by doing that. If you can find it, try the Aneri cookbook from India. I honestly got one of the best taco recipes from that cookbook. I have a thing for Indian cookbooks since they are vegetarian usually and have an interesting take on things like Italian food since there are some religious restrictions to using garlic and onions.
    Ok, so I ramble..........I say go for it and do "everything in the food universe" and then some. Why not? Go for restaurant reviews. You might try theme weeks. Like eating only free meals i.e. eat at the Hari Krishna temple etc. in DFW. Or try ethnic-restaurants-that-don't-speak-any-English-whatsoever week. Try it.
    BTW. The Hari Krishna temple in Dallas has some incredible food. It's in a rough neighborhood and hard to find (for me and the better half at least) but well worth it.

  4. I am a lover of Salvadoran food after having a roommate that was from there. She introduced me (10 lbs later) to the joys of pupusas and horchata.