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Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day Experiments - Day 2

The actual Memorial Day started off somewhat lazy - caught up on the Top Chef reruns, which was a great priming for the food to come.

We decided to honor the holiday the best way we know - traditional Americana food. With that, for the first time in several years, IceDaddy undertook cooking pork ribs. The process was ridiculously simple - rub gently, er, put on a rub by generously sprinkling and massage into the meat. Let marinate for at least 4 hours. Wrap up in tin foil and grill low and slow until done. Sort-of success; the ribs came out falling-apart tender, but the rub just wasn't the right flavor. Next time, will keep it simple - salt, pepper, maybe some garlic powder and paprika. That chili powder foiled us again!

The successful dish of the night was a mac and cheese recipe, courtesy of Cooking Club. Ice loves that little blue box for Mac & Cheese. I admit, that salty goodness can be a siren song, but I love a more sophisticated complexity of flavors and because Ice prefers mac and cheese that isn't baked, this recipe fit the bill. The verdict? good, if you eat it right away. It is hot, tangy (due to sharp cheddar), and rich. If it gets cold, a gluey mess is the result. But it did reheat beautifully!

Final recipe HOMEMADE creamed corn! No adders, fillers, or artificial anything! Just corn, scraped along with its milk, off of the cob, heavy cream, salt and pepper. Sometimes the simplest is just the best!

With that - Happy Memorial Day!!!

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