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I've developed a passion for cooking since childhood, but in the past six years, that passion has grown into a geeky obsession. I love cooking, baking, and most importantly, sharing the love of food with family and friends. I invite you along on my journey of food discovery and passion.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome food lovers!

Cyberspace has exploded with blogs relating to food. I'm sure we have movies like "Julie and Julia" to thank for that. So, with a nod to Julie Powell, here goes my attempt at blogging on food.

What's my angle on this food blog? I'm a cookbook junkie and downright food geek. I've decided that I have WAY too many cookbooks, so my goal is to select recipes from each cookbook and cook my way through, providing reviews of the recipes and cookbooks as I go. I love drilling into the recipes and the way that logical food pairings and techniques work. I'm a student of cuisines and cooking styles, perhaps somewhat unoriginal in that I'm not inventing new stuff much, but I really enjoy the art and zen of cooking and the appreciation of a good meal. Sprinkled in with this food geekiness(I have to say, food nerd was my other option, but that conjures an image that still traumatizes me from high school), is a perspective on restaurants and other home cooked meals (not my own) from the Dallas area and whereever my travels take me.

The cast of characters:
me - 30-something female living in the Dallas area; born in Milwaukee
Hubby - aka "IceDaddy" - chief taste tester and tech support
Mischa - aka "MischaCat" and "Crazy Mischa" - 1 year old cat that loves to keep me company while I cook, probably hoping to get some of the food
Kites - aka "Pooh" - 13 year old cat that is aloof and can only be bothered when chicken, butter, or cream are involved in the cooking

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